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Race Day

Race Morning Transition Access:

6:00am – 6:30am Packet Pick Up

  • Don’t forget your Swim Cap, Wrist Band, Clothing Bag and Body Marking.
  • Place/Check your personal items in Transition by your front tire, on the ground.
  • Walk to swim start area.
  • The Tri-State Triathlon offers wading swim start.
  • Listen for final announcements on water temperature and wetsuit legal status (water must be under 78˚).

 Athlete Briefing

6:35 am- 6:45 am located at the finish area during walk to swim start

  Swim Start:

7:30am – 7:45am

  • You must use the race issued chip and strap.
  • Wait in your assigned staging area. Practice swims are not permitted.
  • In-Water starts for all Age Group Athletes.
    • Most likely we will be wetsuit legal according to the history of the Delaware River Temperatures, so chances are likely that you can wear your wetsuit.
    • Wade in the shallow water and until the horn blows for your swim wave to begin.
    • If you’re struggling in the swim, raise and waive your arm to get the attention of one of our many swim support team on kayaks, jet skis or boats. If you need to grab onto a kayak for a couple seconds you may do so without being DQ’d, but you can’t make forward progress.
    • Make sure you’re on time. If you miss your wave, you’re DQ’d and you will not be allowed to start.

Mandatory Start Times will be listed in the 2015 Athletes Guide available 1 week before race date, or posted on line.

*To save time you can also mark yourself using the information in Appendix D. Mandatory to have body marking complete before walking to swim start.

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