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TST Run Course Explained:
The Tri-State Triathlon Run course offers a mixture of small inclines but is mostly a flat course.
Runners will exit transition for the final leg of this exciting triathlon heading out Water Street making a left on Pike. Course Marshall’s and volunteers will be available throughout the course for athlete info and monitoring. Aide station will be available at the corner of West Main and East Main street.
Practice that turnover, its going to be a fast finish


  • No form of locomotion other than running, walking or crawling is allowed.
  • Runners must wear number at all times on the course. Race numbers issued by OCTRI identify the official contestants in the race. Folding or cutting race number or intentional alteration of any kind is strictly prohibited. Run number must be placed on front of runner securely attached. Race belts may be worn. Shoes and shirts are required on the run segment at all times.
  • This is an individual event. No individual support vehicles or not-contestant escort runners are allowed. Teamwork as a resut of outside assistance that provides an advantage over single competitors is not allowed. Ample aid and food stations will be provided. Individual support vehicles or non-contestant escort runners will result in disqualification. A non-contestant escort runner includes contestants who have withdrawn from the race, have been disqualified or have finished the race. Friends, family members, coaches, or supporters of any type may not bike, drive, or run alongside contestant, may not pass food or other items to contestant and should be warned to stay completely clear of all contestants to avoid disqualification. It is incumbent upon each contestant to reject immediately any attempt to assist, follow or escort.
  • Ample food and beverage will be provided at transition and rest areas.
  • Follow the directions and instructions of all race officials and public authorities.

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