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TST Bike Course Explained:
The TST Bike Course is a 16K adventure ride that heads out of West End Beach via River Road, making a left on Pike. Bikers will make a left on West Main Street headed west on 42/97 to Hawk’s Nest to the turnaround. Athletes will descend down Route 97 with caution looking for the volunteers stationed at the right turn Sleepy Hollow Road. Bikers will follow Sleepy Hollow turning into West Main making a right on Ferry back to transition. It’s going to be a fun ride!

tri-statebikemap1h2o_jpeg The TST bike course is 10 miles in length and offers riders the opportunity to ride the challenging and beautiful twisty road section of Hawk’s Nest on New York State Route 97 in the Delaware River Valley. This scenic location is a part of the Upper Delaware Scenic Byway and has been frequently used in television commercials and advertisements for many years. This scenic roadway located just outside Port Jervis in Sparrow Bush NY, is also a popular spot for sport bike and motorcycle riders who come from all over the country to enjoy the ride and scenery.

A 30 minute drive from Port Jervis along this scenic road will lead to the oldest wire suspension bridge in the United States and a museum/home of noted author, Zane Grey.


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